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IBreakYourGear's staff application

What is your In-Game Name?
Why are you apply for staff? (150 Words Minimum)
I am applying for staff because I know I can be a great staff member. I have experience on a couple servers that closed down a while ago. I can be on a lot I have a lot of free time I use to dev on a couple servers and I brought a bunch of people to there servers helped out with plugins and just setting up the server. The player base was really happy and I bet I could do the same for stellar. A Server without a great community isnt a good server at all and at stellar I see that you guys a have an okay community but I think we can make it a lot better and a lot less toxic. I can put a lot of time and effort in the server if you guys give me a shot!
Why do you think we should accept you over others? (150 Words Minimum)
I think I should be acccepted over others because I'm pretty mature I know how to handle the responsibility that will be given to me. I have experience over other players. I don't know if you count this but on unturned I was an admin on server that had many servers over the world with 200+ people and I would be on for like 6 hours a day helping people and making sure that everyone was happy and making sure the community is happy. I know I can be a great use at stellarpvp and not to mention I have been playing for quite a while now and I would love to see stellar go back to the og days and see it get 200+ people again and see everyone having fun that was og stellar. I feel like I know what Im doing over many other people that apply. 
What can you bring to the staff team and community? (150 Words Minimum)
I can bring a lot to the community and the staff team. One I'm really nice with almost every person and not many people can make me mad so I can stand people making fun of the server and just being toxic overall I know some people get really mad when stuff like that happens but I can control that I can make sure the community is active and is not as toxic as it is now. I feel like I can bring in people and make the server happy again I know how to dev for the most part so if you guys need a part time dev I can help you guys out quite a bit. Im also older so I can handle most of the stuff you guys give to me and Im pretty mature.
How long have you been a member of StellarPvP (And all other servers Beadle has owned)
I have been playing stellarpvp since it had like 200+ on the servers.
What are your Strengths (Please list 3)
1.Im pretty mature

2. I have experience

3.Im layed back 
What are your Weaknesses? (Please list 3)
1. I can be  lazy

2. I cant play a lot on the weekends

3.I can be really slow sometimes
Give us a short explanation of your personality (This is to get to know you better)
Im pretty layed back I smoke a lot of weed so I mean Im pretty chill Im really nice to pretty much about everyone

You are be bombarded with questions any No other staff members are online in-game or in discord. What do you do?
I would try my best to answer all of there questions and I would direct them to forums to see if that could help them out.
You suspect a player is "Closet Cheating". What do you do?
I would get all of the tools to SS and I would ss the person and get another staff and I will make sure I record it all.
There is a esclating argument happening in the Public Chat and its getting worse by the minute. How do you deal with this? I would mute chat and let them calm down once they have calmed down I will unmute chat and make sure everything is okay. If it keeps going I will mute chat until they calm down.