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EthanxKDx Helper Application

What is your In-Game Name?
Why are you applying for staff? (150 Words Minimum)
I recently started to play Minecraft again. I played cosmic factions, which I used to play a lot a couple years back, it just wasn't the same. There are too many players and they get op very fast and it seems too unfair. I was looking for a smaller server similar to cosmic and found this one. I will be an active player on the server when it comes out and when I saw that the server were looking for helpers, I saw it as an opportunity to be the person to be able to help new players that do not really know the concept on factions especially a faction server that has so many custom enchantments and items.
Why do you think we should accept you over others? (150 Words Minimum)
I believe I am the most understanding, empathetic and mature person that has applied to this server. I can bring to things to the table that others can not. I believe a helper should be a people person and interact with the players more than other staff members, hence the name(helper). 
What can you bring to the staff team and community? (150 Words Minimum)
I can bring my time, insight, and knowledge into topics that has conflict in. Time is very important and I will fill in the time where others might not be able to. I am open minded and thinks things throughout, if there is a controversial topic I can bring insightful ideas to the table. I am experienced in all fields of the staff team. I've managed, developed and owned a server.
How long have you been a member of StellarPvP (And all other servers Beadle has owned)
Not long, a couple of weeks.
What are your Strengths (Please list 3)
I have experience, I Am knowledgeable, and I am devoted. 
What are your Weaknesses? (Please list 3)
I am a student so time might be a weak point. I just became a member of StellarPVP. My knowledge on custom enchants, items, etc on the server is low. 
Give us a short explanation of your personality (This is to get to know you better)
I am a hard-working, mature, educated man. I think with the right mind-set anything and everything is achievable. I am very motivated as well.

You are be bombarded with questions any No other staff members are online in-game or in discord. What do you do?
I answer as many questions that I can. If I do not know the answer then I answer the question with the truth. It will be my job to do this so I will do what is expected.
You suspect a player is "Closet Cheating". What do you do?
I can not punish a player off me just suspecting. I need proof and so if I do suspect someone is cheating I will have to get proof before I take any other action. 
There is a esclating argument happening in the Public Chat and its getting worse by the minute. How do you deal with this? 
I will attempt to figure out the situation and  absolve it. I will let the chat know the calm down if it gets to a certain point. If it becomes a disaster I will use the power I have to temp-mute certain players involved with the argument. Obviously racism, name-calling, inappropriate words will be part of my decision on who to Discipline.