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03 Nov 2020
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11 Jan 2021

SomeoneTookSeb's Staff Application

What is your In-Game Name:






Why are you apply for staff? (150 Words Minimum)

I have been staff on StellarPvP multiple times and didn't see much progress as not many people were working on it who had the right skills. I have the skills and knowledge to help the server immensely. I have the dedication and commitment to the server. I have always come back to StellarPvP and I want to finally help the server get back to its peak.

Why do you think we should accept you over others? (150 Words Minimum)

You should accept me over the other candidates I'm dedicated. I have the required skills and experience. I'm not new to this community I've been in it since the beginning and I can promise loyalty and dedication. I have been a staff member multiple times on Stellar. I know the community and I know the servers roots and can help get the server back to its peak, even if it's Skyblock now.

What can you bring to the staff team and community? (150 Words Minimum)

I can bring dedication at its finest. I can put in the effort to make the server actually look professional like using XenForo and making sure the staff application isn't full of spelling mistakes. I can bring specific skills like art, discord bots, minor plugin creation, configuration, website development etc. I can bring a lot of experience and dedication to the server. I have been every single staff rank on the server throughout the period of 2+ years. I have experience in managing and owning StellarPvP so I can understand what the community wants and how to efficiently execute strategies in order for the server to grow and develop. I know CosmicTest features and how to fix many issues with player support. I can bring dedication, multiple hours every day on the server, Almost 12hrs a day on the discord, constant updates on the forums etc. Especially during the school break, I can always be in discord support rooms for any concerns or issues that players may have. I have minor plugin coding experience and major experience in configuring and making the server look unique.

 How long have you been a member of StellarPvP (And all other servers Beadle has owned)

I have been a staff member for around 2 years in total throughout Stellar's history. Helper-CoOwner.

What are your Strengths (Please list 3)

- Staying Professional

- Knowing the commands of the server

- Managing staff and the community


What are your Weaknesses? (Please list 3)

Getting Overwhelmed

Give us a short explanation of your personality (This is to get to know you better)


You are being bombarded with questions any No other staff members are online in-game or in discord. What do you do?

I send a chat message saying dm me discord with questions then start to answer questions in-game.

You suspect a player is "Closet Cheating". What do you do?

Get as much proof as possible with the permissions I have. Then bait out the player on an alt or with someone else. Depending on what happens then I will proceed from there.

There is an escalating argument happening in the Public Chat and it's getting worse by the minute. How do you deal with this?

Tell them to take it to DMs. If not either warn or mute depending on the circumstances.



Note: I have been demoted on this server before. I understand if this is a reason to deny but please see the potential. Thanks for considering

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06 Oct 2020
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06 Dec 2020

denied whore

Universsee · about 1 month ago